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Specializing in tax mitigation, cashflow leveraging, and succession planning for high net worth people who love to do business on the golf course or the 19th hole!

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What is Megaliving?

MEGALIVING is whatever it means to you!

It is your own Gold Standard. It is about being the best YOU and finding a way to make a difference in the world by the lives you touch.  No matter what your income is.  When you know you’ve planned your life so you won’t outlive your money, your children and grandchildren are financially protected, and you can live an authentic life of your own design …then you become truly free. Happy and fulfilled.

Karen Pezderic


Meet Karen

What motivates me every day is the idea of creating FREEDOM – for myself and for my clients. 

My passions are people, business, travel, golf, music and sports and I’ve found a way to bring them all together co-designing financial strategies to create the time and wealth freedom so many of us aspire to. 

I help people get MORE of what they say they WANT and mitigate their risks along the way.


We were introduced to Karen by our accountant. We operate a large construction company and were fortunate to have had an anomaly year where we grossed ten times our normal annual revenue. We were very nervous we may never have a year like that again and worried about where to put that money so that it would be safe yet still grow interest and still give us access to it. Karen and her team analysed our situation and found us to be good candidates for an Immediate Finance Arrangement (IFA). We needed life insurance to fund our buy/sell partnership agreement and were just going to buy term. We had a bad experience with life insurance in the past and didn’t want to repeat our mistakes. But when she showed us how we could set ourselves up for retirement, leave a legacy for all of our children, AND have immediate access to our money whenever we needed it to cashflow our business operations…. We saw it as the perfect solution. I would highly recommend Karen and her team for their creative solutions, professionalism, thorough in-depth attention to detail, and the way she took a complex situation and simplified it for us. It’s not done yet but we’ve already referred her to our doctor.

Paula P. – Devon, AB


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