10 Questions you should ask your Wealth Advisory Team

How can we work together with maximize time efficiency?
  • Our preliminary conversation will quickly establish your priorities and which strategies would serve you best
  • Next we bring you back some options to consider and explain pros and cons
  • We can work remotely via Zoom
  • In person or team meetings as required, mainly during the discovery process
What services do you provide?
  • Tax strategies and planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Cash flow strategies and leveraging efficiencies
  • Corporate Financing Arrangements
  • Commercial Loans and IFA’s
  • Trust and estate set up
  • Living Benefits Insurance
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Business Succession planning
  • Segregated Funds
  • Traditional Investments
  • Alternative Investments
  • Group Benefits and Alternatives
  • Term and PAR Whole Life Insurance. 
  • Critical Illness Insurance, with Refund of Premiums if desired.
  • Income Replacement for Short & Long Term Disability if you get sick or hurt
Will you work with my current advisors: accountant,lawyer, financial advisor?
  • Always.  As you wish.  And your team can liase with our team of in-house accounting, legal and actuarial professionals who specialize in our strategies at no charge to you on certain aspects.  We can also refer your needs to our highly qualified partners if you need full time service.
What other professional experience do you have?
  • Auto and RV dealership Finance and General management
  • Solo-preneur since age 16
  • High net worth experience
What is your business philosophy?
  • “Business happens at the speed of Trust”

  • Discover priorities and needs

  • Understand goals and business/family dynamics

  • Always collaborate and cooperate with clients other advisors

  • Being a broker allows me to provide customized solutions from any insurer for superior client alignment

  • I believe in saving tax over chasing returns when it comes to long term investing, as well as safety, liquidity, leveragability, and accessibility

How are you compensated?
  • Flat Fee for service
  • Commission paid by carriers
  • Percentage based on volume
  • Combination of the above
  • Always transparent and agreed upon beforehand
How will you track my success and report to me?
  • First, we’ll ask what your expectations are
  • At a minimum, an annual review once a plan has been implemented
How will you communicate with me? And, how often?
  • As per your expectations as Communication is key
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Email. Text. Whats App. Zoom. In Person.
How will you integrate with my other asset holdings you aren't managing?
  • Our job is to ensure a wholistic plan and approach so we will need to know about these holdings in our needs analysis and integrate into your overall plan.

Why should I choose to work with you?
  • As an independent brokerage specializing in the advanced market, we have access to over 28 carriers each offering similar products in totally unique ways
  • As mentioned, our in-house accountants, lawyers, actuaries and investment team have decades of experience in the advanced case market and are at your service
  • We work with Manulife bank which specializes in our cashflow leveraging strategies and offer the best commercial lending plans in the market
  • We have a goal to respond to any of your messages immediately and satisfy your every request
  • We will provide you with the perfect amount of information to satisfy your personal desired level of detail and tailor our presentations to the same
  • All contracts and applications can be completed remotely using E-signatures
  • Watch my videos below and see if you’d like to connect!