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Megaliving is founded on a Client First philosophy that takes a holistic approach to your overall needs for life, accident/sickness/disability, critical illness, and health/dental/travel/HSA insurance

We believe insurance should give you peace of mind – not another bill to stress you out.  So, we build a custom plan that covers your priority concerns, knowing that we can usually add more later if your healthy.  So “buy as much as you can comfortably afford today”.

Whether you are high net worth or living month to month…you have unique priorities, unique challenges, and we offer unique insurance solutions as the foundation for achieving all of your financial goals. 

Even the strongest investments and businesses and families can crumble in the face of a serious illness or injury or death. 

Megaliving builds your financial foundation using the strategies best suited to your needs, respects your budget and lifestyle, then expands your plan as you move through life to include your financial goals.  We are here to work with you in The Now as well as guiding your family through future generations.

We begin with a discussion around your unique VALUES, GOALS, VISION AND NEEDS, CHALLENGES.

No matter how small your budget might be, our NEEDS-BASED ANALYSIS evaluates your strengths, challenges, opportunities and concerns before ever talking about any kind of insurance solution.  We make “deep listening” and understanding who you are our first priority, then implement an insurance and financial blue-print that will help you build and leave the legacy you will be proud of.

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I have difficult conversations with people before they face difficult situations.

I came from humble beginnings on a farm near Pigeon Lake Alberta and have been successfully self-employed since I was sixteen.  My parents believed in hard work, saving, sacrifice, and the importance of family.  These are some of the core values that have contributed to the foundation of “Megaliving” and my passion for this industry.

What motivates me every day is the idea of creating FREEDOM – for myself and for my clients.  My passions are people, business, travel, golf, music and sports and I’ve found a way to bring them all together co-designing financial lives to create the time and wealth freedom so many of us aspire to.  I work because I want to, not because I have to.  And I want to help you do the same.  I truly care about making a difference in people’s lives by helping them get MORE of what they say they WANT and mitigating their risks along the way.

Awards & Credentials:

Life, Accident, Sickness LLQP

Licensed Insurance Broker representing Combined Insurance, IA Financial, RBC Insurance, Desjardins, Equitable Life, Manulife, Edge Benefits, Olympia Health Spending Accounts

Combined Insurance $10K Club Award Winner 2017, 2018, 2019

Combined Insurance Winner Grand Diamond Jubilee and multiple Operation Quantum Incentive Award Winner

Mora strives to simplify your insurance and financial options with her knowledge and experience saving you time and money therefore creating the value you are looking for.

She has proudly helped her clients save thousands of $$$$ dollars in taxes and premiums in uncertain times providing the safety net and peace of mind you desire. 

Mora has 25+ years of experience in sales and marketing with a BA in Business Administration and is licenced in Life, accident and sickness insurance Alberta.

Born and raised in Perth Western Australia she now lives in Calgary.  Her core values are hard work, integrity, honesty,  sincerity and innovation.  “I love saving my clients money and getting them more bang for their buck.”

She came to Canada having married a Canadian farmer/oil and gas guy, and it was actually a family illness that bought them home.

“My father in law had terminal Cancer. Having seen the devastation of an illness or a disability and accidents to a family, the impact financially and emotionally can be earth shattering.”

Mora has now devoted her life to helping people by guiding them towards security and success, providing you with industry secrets that will help provide long lasting wealth and the best solutions for your priorities.

Mora only works with the best rated insurance companies, they must play claims and have a minimum A+ Superior rating. She is a multiple award winning insurance broker.  She particularly loves working with people who are hard to insure and have high risk occupations, hobbies and sporting activities. she provides all round service  insurance, tax planning strategies, estate planning, Risk assessment,  group  health plans and is there to support you through the claims … and makes the process simple and easy. “So you can focus on empowering yourself to live  your dreams and focus on what really matters”.

 You’ll be amazed at the industry secrets she will reveal. 

Mora is an avid dog lover,  she enjoys, reading, cooking up a storm, wine (goes without saying), golf, boxing, travelling, white water rafting, aspiring author and riding on motorbikes 

She looks forward to meeting you.

MEGALIVING is whatever it means to you!

It is about being the best YOU and finding a way to make a difference in the world by the lives you touch.  No matter what your income is.  When you know you’ve planned your life so you won’t outlive your money, your children and grandchildren are financially protected, and you can live an authentic life of your own design …then you become truly free. Happy and fulfilled.

Time and wealth freedom is something most of us aspire to.  Insurance is just a vehicle to get you there.

Protecting your Greatest Asset: YOU and your ability to earn an income is where we start. 

Megaliving can help.

Lets have the conversation.

Who are you?

Megaliving is proud to offer the products/services of these trusted companies

IA Financial  |  Desjardins  |  Combined Insurance  |  Equitable Life
RBC Insurance  |  Manulife  | Edge Benefits
CPP Canada Protection Plan | Foresters | Humania | Edge Benefits

Did you know?

All our insurance providers have been paying claims for more than one hundred years.

They have been chosen for specific products unique to each of them.

They are all rated A+ Superior by AM Best, an independent third party that evaluates financial institutions and insurance companies based on their financial strength and claims history.

Term and Permanent Life Insurance
Critical Illness with Return of Premium
Accident and Sickness Hospitalization Insurance
Disability Insurance
Health/Dental/Travel Insurance
Business Overhead Expense Insurance
Let’s have the conversation.
Values. Goals. Vision. Needs. Budget.
Strengths. Challenges. Opportunities. Concerns.
Needs Analysis.
Financial House.
Client First.
Financial Blueprint.
Protecting your Greatest Asset: YOU and Your Ability to Earn an Income
Tax Efficiency
Estate and Succession Planning
Creating Wealth Freedom Using Life Insurance
Cash Flow Access
Return of Premium

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