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What is MEGALiving?


MEGAliving is dedicated to You and the peace of mind of your Family.  We believe business happens at the speed of trust.

Our Mission is to Discover. Understand. And Serve.  We prioritize what matters most to you, providing a solid ladder to reach your goals and a safety net if you fall.  We strengthen your financial foundation through communication, proper planning, risk mitigation, and abundance mindset. 

Our Vision is for our clients and their businesses to prosper while keeping their families together and happy.  This is true Legacy.

Karen Pezderic

I am a wealth strategist.  And a realist.  I have difficult conversations with people before they face difficult situations. 

I come from humble beginnings on a farm near Pigeon Lake Alberta and have been successfully self-employed since I was sixteen.  My parents believed in hard work, saving, sacrifice, and the importance of family.  These are the core values at the foundation of “Megaliving”…. with Time and Wealth Freedom at the apex.  But what’s in between?  Wisdom. Experience. Street Smarts. And Trust.

What motivates me every day is working with like-minded people who want to make a difference in the world without being taken advantage of.  We want Meaning, Purpose and Quality of Life… not just wealth. 

My passions are people, business, travel, golf, music, wine, and sports.  And I’ve found a way to bring them all together co-designing financial lives.  I work because I want to.  I truly care about making a difference in people’s lives by helping them get MORE of what they say they WANT and mitigating their risks along the way.  And I can help you too.

Awards & Credentials:

  • Life and Living Benefits LLQP
  • Combined Insurance $10K Club Award Winner 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Combined Insurance Grand Diamond Jubilee Award and multiple Operation Quantum Incentive Awards
  • Erickson College Business Coaching Certification

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Happy Clients

Balwinder Badhan
Balwinder Badhan
Karen is just excellent. We loved her professionalism and skills
John Serafini
John Serafini
There are a lot of ways I could describe Karen. Professional, personable, and caring are a few words that quickly come to mind. She takes time to understand your situation, clearly explains options available, and does her due diligence in finding the right solution with you. For me, she took time to understand the intricacies of a complicated situation and went to bat when needed to ensure that a claim got paid out. I can truly say that she lives up to her motto of Get Sick, Get Hurt, Get Paid. I can’t recommend her enough.
Ekina dese
Ekina dese
Karen is amazing!She takes her time to make sure your needs are met regardless of your budget. She checks in and is very responsive.We are glad to use her services.
Harold Hagen
Harold Hagen
As a mortgage broker, I have the opportunity to work with may industry professionals. Karen's genuine, heartfelt enthusiasm is immediately noticeable. A truly admirable quality and certainly a key to her success at delivering excellent insurance advise and services to her clients. Highly recommend Karen to all our clients!
Kim H
Kim H
Karen was so knowledgeable in explaining all the different options available and recommended what she felt would work best for me, without being pushy and over selling, which I really appreciated. When it is time to make a claim she is totally in your corner versus some insurance agencies which seem happy to take your premiums but are so reluctant to pay out on a claim.