Business Planning

What if you could leverage your life insurance policy to cashflow your business, buy real estate,  grow investments, minimize income taxes, fund your retirement, and leave a tax-free inheritance to your beneficiaries? 

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Your Priorities


  • Making sure business won’t suffer if Key People are unable to work
  • Insuring your mortgage, loan, debt payments if you become disabled
  • Cashflow shortage
  • You want to leave your Family happy and harmonious if you die
  •  You want low risk Strategies to minimize taxes and maximize investment growth 
  •  You need easy amicable Intergenerational Wealth Transfer 
  •  You want coordination between legal and accounting 


Your Challenges


  • Complex family dynamics
  • Partnerships
  • Where to find sound advice and expertise
  • No time to research strategies
  • Who to trust
  • Minimizing income tax with CRA approved strategies
  • Growing wealth on a tax advantaged basis with safety and liquidity


Our Solutions


  • Buy/Sell Shareholder Agreements
  • Tax Mitigation Using Insurance
  • Immediate Finance Arrangements
  • Leveraging
  • Living Benefits
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Group Benefits