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Corporate, Professionals and Agriculture

Ages 35-55 healthy
Already own or qualify for life insurance
Minimize taxes
Medium to high net worth
Household income is over $100,000 & investible assets $50,000+
Comfortable with debt
Good credit history
Reliable discretionary cashflow
Interested in tax strategies & comprehensive financial, retirement and estate planning

You work a lot.  You earn a lot.  How do you make sure you are leveraging both your time and money to the greatest potential while preserving your capital from loss??  Ask yourself this question:

What is the perfect investment?

Turns out, the perfect investment isn’t an investment at all, so what exactly is it then?  It is….

  • 100% guaranteed safety of your principal deposits. Never lose a dollar you put in nor a dollar earned in growth.
  • Access to cashflow while earning interest at the same time
  • Low volatility, high stability in unstable global markets
  • Tax-free dividend growth
  • Retirement income plus inheritance to beneficiaries
  • Consistently moderate 25 year average dividend returns of 8% tax free. You’d have to earn double on a traditional taxable investment to equal this.
  • Immediate access to your money when you need it without penalties or tax
  • Funding for your retirement… Children’s education… Major purchases…  Business expansion
  • Now what if it could also protect your business, fund your buy/sell, fund your retirement and leave a large tax-free lump sum to your beneficiaries?
  • What is this perfect investment? It’s been around for over 100 years.
  • Let’s have the conversation.



People like Walt Disney. Jim Pattison. Warren Buffet.  They all used this strategy to build their empires.  They all figured out how to become their own banks.  And now we use a similar strategy to help you.  No matter where you’re starting from.  But not every whole life policy is created equal.  And not every financial advisor knows how to analyze your unique set of circumstances, cashflow needs, and lifetime goals to structure it properly and achieve your desired outcome.  If your current advisor knew how then you would already be doing this.  The Megaliving Advisory Team works with high net worth business owners and wealthy individuals and families on strategies for protecting their business and securing their future.


Discipline. Consistency. Patience. Health. Age. All contributing factors.

Let our team of financial experts show you how you can benefit too.


  • Young professional
  • Growing business
  • Farming operation
  • Wanting to learn how to become your own bank
  • Recently obtained your inheritance and want to keep it safe
  • Wealthy… or aspiring to wealth.
  •  Let’s have the conversation.

Megaliving is founded on a Client-First philosophy that takes a holistic approach to your overall needs. Our unique DISCOVERY process considers your unique business, employees, key people, cashflow needs,  insurance and financial needs and integrates them with your personal needs, goals, vision for your future and family dynamics.  

We respect your attitude about your money.  We get to know and understand your unique situation and what is truly most important to you.  We then perform our due diligence and research before we ever make any recommendations.   We work with your advisory team of accountants, lawyers, and lenders for congruency between your will, your Power of Attorney, your unanimous shareholder agreement, your insurance and your financial planning.  Nothing is left to chance.

Our advisory team has years of experience and expertise in the high net worth market and our in-house legal and accounting consultants will assist your legal and accounting advisors on constructing the best plan for you.  This is not a quick process and usually can take months to complete properly.  You can choose to work with us on a per hour, per project, or per policy payment plan.  Your choice.

  • Complex family dynamics and relationships
  • Wealth preservation and guarantees
  • Tax efficiency strategies
  • Steady growth in asset value
  • Estate succession and planning
  • Trust and confidence in who handles your wealth
  • Responsible intergenerational wealth transfer
  • Sound investment advice and options suited to your risk tolerance
  • Complex family dynamics and relationships
  • Coordination of accountant, legal, lending and financial services partners. Megaliving partners with the most experienced professionals that specialize in the high net worth market
  • Unknown tax implications
  • Establishing FMV of businesses, properties, intellectual property,
  • Congruency between corporate share structure, wills, unanimous shareholders agreement and financial vehicles
  • Planning from beyond the grave
  • Estate equalization
  • Accessing cashflow during business fluctuations and changes in life
  • Health concerns
  • Participating dividend paying whole life policies
  • Key person insurance
  • Buy sell agreement funding
  • Retirement funding
  • Shared ownership critical illness with 100% return of premiums
  • Business overhead expense insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Cash flow leveraging
  • Succession and estate planning
  • Segregated funds: privacy, creditor protection, beneficiary designation tax efficiency
  • Legal, accounting, lending advice, expertise and coordination from our high net worth advisory to create congruency with unanimous shareholders agreement/wills/corporate organizational structure/holding companies/trusts
  • Group benefits and health spending account options for employees

Additional information:

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