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If you were asked to list 15 features of the ideal investment, what would you say?

  1. High rate of compound interest return?
  2. 100% guaranteed safety?   Know you will never lose one dollar you put into this and never lose one dollar of growth you accumulate.
  3. Liquidity?  Gain immediate access to your cash without paying tax or depleting your savings/growth.
  4. Tax benefits?  Pay no tax at death, including tax advantaged growth within the investment.
  5. No market volatility?  Let the unstable global economy do what it will.
  6. Funds your retirement, business expansion, car, house, etc.?
  7. Tax free growth?  Like an RRSP, however, when you want to access your money you don’t have to pay tax to take it out.
  8. Creditor proof?  No one can come after your money as it is protected.
  9. Inflation proof?  Compounded high rates of return that are not taxed.
  10. Easy to manage?  Set it and forget it.  No need to worry about what the markets are doing
  11. Easy to understand and control?  You control the asset and self-manage the deposits
  12. Low fees or no fees
  13. Legal and reputable – 100+ year old company has paid dividends EVERY single year since 1936.
  14. Private  no government intervention or monitoring
  15. Death benefit guarantee after one payment

What's the catch? Is this for you?

  • You must have discipline. You must change the way you think about money.  It’s not what you earn, it’s what you save, and where you put it.
  • You are ages 35-55 healthy
  • You already own or qualify for life insurance
  • You want to minimize taxes
  • You are interested long term vs short term thinking
  • You are medium to high net worth
  • Your household income is over $100,000 & investible assets $50,000+
  • You are comfortable with debt but market risk averse
  • You have good credit history
  • You have reliable discretionary cashflow
  • You have realistic expectations and perception of market volatility
  • You are interested in tax strategies and comprehensive financial, retirement and  estate planning