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Important facts:


  • 1 in 3 Canadians will get a critical illness or disability by the time they are 65. (Statistics Canada)
  • By the time you’re 85, it’s not a matter of IF it’s WHEN
  • What is your plan if it happens to you? GoFundMe? Deplete your savings and investments? Rack up debt? Borrow from family?
  • Our Canadian Healthcare System is overloaded and underfunded. Don’t rely on it to get the right care in the right time to save your loved one. Personal Insurance can help you get the care you need FAST, the emotional support to deal with it, and the resources that give you better options and better odds.

Megaliving Insurance can handle all of your insurance and financial planning needs.  We deal with insurance providers you can trust that are rated A+Superior by AM Best based on their financial stability and creditworthiness and claims handling.  Companies like Equitable Life, IA Financial, Manulife, RBC Insurance, Desjardins, Combined, Edge Benefits, BMO Insurance, Olympia HSA and more.  Each holds a unique space in the market to serve your individual and business needs.

Megaliving is proud to offer the products/services of these trusted companies

Do you know the difference between ‘good’ insurance and ‘bad’ insurance?


Why is personal life and disability better than mortgage insurance from the bank or loan insurance at the car dealership?

What is the difference between “own occupation” and “any occupation”?

What does “waiting period” mean?

What is the best definition of “total disability”?

What is the difference between “disability insurance” and “critical illness insurance”?

Which is better, group benefits or Health Spending Accounts?


Some of our plans have these unique features!!


  • Unlimited claims, no increased premiums
  • Any occupation, any sport, any hobby
  • 24/7/365 in Canada and US
  • No waiting period
  • No deductible
  • No medicals
  • No financial proof of income required
  • Compensation for minor events like fractures/stitches/outpatient surgery, appendicitis, wisdom teeth etc. as well as major events like car accident, head trauma, falls, cancer, heart attack, and stroke
  • Coverage for newborns up to age 85
  • Family discounts up to 60% – even for blended families

We offer:


  • TERM LIFE INSURANCE: Cheap in the short term. Expensive in the long run. Best for small budgets and temporary needs like paying off your mortgage, car loans, lines of credit, credit cards.  Also should cover income replacement for your spouse until your kids are grown, their education costs, funeral  T10-T100.  Renewable and convertible.

Get up to $500,000 Term Life Insurance with NO MEDICALS Required

  • PERMANENT LIFE INSURANCE:Best for permanent needs like funeral expenses and taxes at death. Most people get some of both “term and perm”. Structure properly with the right company, it can also be designed as a low risk preferred retirement and investment vehicle.Ideal client:
    • Young professionals and entrepreneurs
    • Established high net worth business owners looking for growth
    • People with dreams and the discipline and work ethic to realize them.

    To get what you want you need the perfect investment.  Turns out, the perfect investment isn’t an investment at all – so what exactly is it then?  It is:

    • 100% guaranteed safety of your principal deposits. Never lose a dollar put in nor a dollar earned in growth.
    • Access to cashflow while earning interest at the same time
    • Low volatility, high stability in unstable global markets
    • Tax-free dividend growth
    • Retirement income plus inheritance to beneficiaries
    • Consistently moderate 25 year average dividend returns of 8% tax free. You’d have to earn double on a traditional taxable investment to equal this.
    • Immediate access to your money when you need it without penalties or tax funding for your retirement, children’s education, major purchases, business expansion

    Now what if it could also protect your business, fund your buy/sell, fund your retirement and leave a large tax-free lump sum to your beneficiaries?

    What is this perfect investment? It’s been around for over 100 years.

    Let’s have the conversation.


  • If you haven’t saved a six month Emergency Fund, you can buy insurance instead. The purpose is to replace your income if you become unable to work for a long period of time.
  • Choose coverage for Illness or Injury or both
  • We offer both short term and long term disability benefit periods
  • Choose Immediate compensation or wait a little longer, depending on your needs & budget
  • Monthly disability benefits up to $30,000/month and up to age 70
  • Hospitalization plans for newborns up to age 85
  • Lump sum or monthly payouts as you wish
  • Covers loans and income replacement while sick or hurt
  • Tax Free compensation paid directly to you to cover expenses not covered by Alberta Health Care or to spend as you wish
  • Key Person Disability for business owners and key employees
  • Plans as low as $14/month
  • Unique plans that compensate for minor incidents like fractures, stitches, outpatient surgery, wisdom teeth, appendicitis as well as major things like car accident, head trauma, cancer, heart attack or stroke
  • Family coverage so that even babies born prematurely in ICU for months are covered


  • What is the difference between Disability and Critical Illness Insurance and which one do you need? Disability Insurance pays a percentage of your income as a monthly benefit for as long as you are disabled and covers both minor and major misfortunes. Critical Illness pays out a lump sum upon diagnosis of life threatening illnesses.
  • Pays a lump sum from $10,000 up to $2.5 million upon diagnosis so you can get help when you need it, where you need it, even outside of Canada
  • Choose from 4 to 29 critical illnesses covered
  • Option for 100% Return of Premium = Savings + Emergency Fund + Insurance Protection
  • Best foctors feature means you have access to fast second opinions from specialists in their field anywhere in the world plus emotional support, planning assistance, long term care
  • Great for children! Many grandparents gift. Guarantees their insurability for life.
  • Get up to $50,000 critical illness coverage with NO MEDICALS required.


  • Protect key people when they have unique skills your business depends on and would be hard to replace quickly or easily
  • Can act as a key employee incentive with Return of Premiums
  • Shared Ownership CI with ROP
  • Get reimbursed for up to two years of business overhead expenses if you can’t work due to illness or injury
  • Key Person Disability


What is the difference between mortgage vs individual insurance?

Mortgage Creditor Insurance

  • Pays the bank – protects the bank
  • Benefits decrease in value over time
  • Only pays 50% of mortgage payment unless both buyers get hurt/sick simultaneously
  • Disability has a 60-day waiting period
  • Underwriting is done at time of claim so you may be paying without being eligible for coverage
  • Is expensive
  • Can be difficult to claim on
  • Limited Options, Limited Coverage

Combined Hospital/Accidental/
Life Insurance

  • Pays you – protects you, your family and your income
  • Benefits do not decrease in value over time
  • Pays up to 90% of your monthly gross income
  • No waiting period for accident/sickness
  • Underwriting is done at time of application, so you know if you’re covered up front
  • Is up to 60% less expensive, apples to apples
  • Easy to claim on – claims typically paid in 15 days so you have money when you really need it
  • Many options give you customized coverage that fits your budget and all your needs

Odds of Claiming on Your Insurance

Additional information:


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