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As a sole proprietor or small business owner without group benefits, WCB, or EI — you need to protect your Greatest Asset:  YOU AND YOUR ABILITY TO EARN AN INCOME

WHY? Because Accidents and Illness don’t announce their arrival and life can change in an instant.  It’s better to PREpare than Repair.

48% of us live pay cheque to pay cheque.

1 in 3 will have a 90+ days Disability by age 65 or Critical Illness.

When tragedy trikes and you can’t work, who pays the bills?  Do you live off savings?  Increase debt?  Lose your house?  GoFundMe Charity?

We have a better solution

  • Budget Expenses
  • Income protection via Accident & Sickness Disability Insurance
  • Pay down debt
  • Contribute to savings
  • Children’s Education/Business endeavors
  • Saving for Retirement
  • No WCB or EI or Group Benefits
  • You need practical usable affordable insurance
  • You need money right away if sick or hurt so you don’t get behind on bills
  • You need to know you’ll qualify medically and financially
  • Combined Accident & Sickness Hospital Essentials compensation up to $9000/month if hospitalized and up to $4200 for fractures, stitches and outpatient surgery.
    • Plans from $14/month+
    • Coverage is not based on your income so covers you when you’re unemployed, retired, a student
    • Unlimited claims without increasing premiums
    • No Waiting Period before claiming
    • 24/7 coverage in Canada and US
    • Covers newborns up to age 85
    • Tax-free compensation paid directly to you to help cover expenses when sick or hurt
    • Family plans up to 60% discount

  • Term Life Insurance
    • Affordable, convertible
    • Covers mortgage balance, loans, income replacement, funeral expenses

  • Dividend Paying Participating Whole Life Insurance
    • Enjoy saving your money while preserving cashflow within a guaranteed, safe, secure, dividend paying, tax deferred retirement planning system designed to take advantage of tax free growth, historically moderate consistent safe rates of return (25 year average is 8% with only a 1.2% deviation). This type of life insurance is a savings, retirement, investment AND insurance plan all in one.  And it must be structured properly by an experienced broker to work properly for you.  If your existing advisor knew how to do these you would already be doing this.  Let’s have the conversation.

  • Disability Insurance
    • Pays tax free monthly income replacement so you can cover the bills if sick or hurt. Protects your family, your investment in your home and your business.
    • Partial disability
    • 1, 2, 5 year Benefit Period
    • 7-120 day waiting period

  • Savings
    • TFSA
    • RRSP
    • Segregated Funds. Better than mutual funds as they offer  Resets and Guarantees, Designated Beneficiaries to bypass estate probation, and creditor protection which is very important for small business owners.

Additional information:

  • What is a segregated fund?