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We were introduced to Karen by our accountant. We operate a large construction company and were fortunate to have had an anomaly year where we grossed ten times our normal annual revenue. We were very nervous we may never have a year like that again and worried about where to put that money so that it would be safe yet still grow interest and still give us access to it. Karen and her team analysed our situation and found us to be good candidates for an Immediate Finance Arrangement. We needed life insurance to fund our buy/sell partnership agreement and were just going to buy term. We had a bad experience with life insurance in the past and didn’t want to repeat our mistakes. But when she showed us how we could set ourselves up for retirement, leave a legacy for all of our children, AND have immediate access to our money whenever we needed it to cashflow our business operations…. We saw it as the perfect solution. I would highly recommend Karen and her team for their creative solutions, professionalism, thorough in-depth attention to detail, and the way she took a complex situation and simplified it for us. It’s not done yet but we’ve already referred her to our doctor.

Paula P. – Devon, AB

In 2017, my husband had laser surgery on his back in the United States. We never had an agent at that time or before acting on our behalf for our policies. This past summer at an event where vendors had display booths, my husband met Karen. They talked about different policies and about some of the policies we have. My husband talked about the medical procedure he had done on his back in the United States. Karen asked if he filed a claim. No we hadn’t, as we didn’t know any of our policies would cover for sickness or accident outside of Canada.

With Karen’s help, he filed a claim explaining why we hadn’t applied within the timeline. Combined payed for his disability! This wouldn’t have happened if my husband hadn’t had stopped and chatted with Karen. Karen was a wonderful help and went to bat for us.

Just recently, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I have a Critical Illness policy. The support from Karen as our agent was over and above. Not just as our agent but treated me as a human being with a medical problem. Combined paid out in full for the Critical Illness and Disability policies. Wait time for the payouts for our claims from Combined was in a timely matter.


My 19-year old son played AAA hockey but his injuries came just from doing random kid stuff and school sports! He’s broken his ankle twice, his nose, several fingers, gotten stitches twice. If I had had this coverage when he was little, at 18 he would have had over $30000 in his bank account from his coverage! And he’s never even stayed overnight in a hospital That would have helped me a lot as a single mom as I could have afforded to stay home to take care of him! I still feel guilty. But he’s covered now.

K.P – Leduc hockey mom

I was working on my farm and slipped and fell off a lift and had broken rib, contused lung, and was in the hospital for one day. I couldn’t work for two weeks. Thank goodness insurance paid me $3300 on my Accident Plan.

B.K. –  Wetaskiwin farmer

One of the first claims in our office was a young man who broke his left thumb downhill skiing. Although he was right-handed and could still do school work, his doctor wrote “No use of left hand for 10-14 days” and because he couldn’t play school sports his insurance policy paid out the full amount of $4200 on his Family’s Accident plan.

C.K. – Calgary 14-year-old student

I am a self-employed cabinet installer. I had NO insurance before my wife made me get this. So, when I had 3 back to back accidents…sheet metal sliced 2 arteries in my head, table saw took the end off my finger, and a broken finger all within 2 months I never would have believed it, but this insurance paid out $12,600 total! I couldn’t work for a month and this saved our house and my work truck!  Our family has had 2 more claims since.  Thank you.

D.K. – Calgary tradesmen

I love to snowboard and play hockey in winter and rugby in summer but haven’t played as I can’t afford to get hurt.  Having this gives me peace of mind knowing I could still pay the bills!

D.S. – Didsbury athlete 

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