Families and Individuals

Discover • Understand • Serve

Traditional Families.
Happy families.
Successful families.
Same-sex families.
Blended families after divorce or during separation.
Grandparents wanting to look after their families.
Dysfunctional families.
Single people
Feuding families.
Families from all income brackets.
Single parents with children.
Single independents with furry families!
Regardless of what type of family, your priority is protecting your Greatest Asset: 
Mortgage, debt, income replacement, education, funeral expenses…all reasons for needing life, critical illness and disability insurance.  Nothing divides a family more than financial and health stress.  And Accidents and Illness don’t announce their arrival so better to PREpare than REPAIR.
48% of us live pay cheque to pay cheque.
1 in 3 will have a 90+ days Disability by age 65 or Critical Illness.
When tragedy trikes and you can’t work, who pays the bills?  Do you live off savings?  Increase debt?  Lose your house?  GoFundMe Charity?

We have a better solution

Your Unique Priorities

  • Making sure your kids are okay — financially, emotionally, educationally
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Budget friendly insurance solutions
  • Protecting your RRSP’s and retirement plans without taking on more debt

Your Unique Challenges

  • Not enough month left at the end of the money?
  • Busy schedules, active in sports, rushing through life on ice, busy roads, and always short on time?
  • Paycheque Replacement during illness and injury
  • Coverage for children for critical illness and hospitalization so YOU can then afford to be with them during those times — where else would you want to be?
  • Maybe you’re facing divorce or separation?

Our Unique Solutions

  • You need Solid Advice and the Right Information. We review your situation, ask the right questions and find the right budget so we can understand your priorities and figure out how we can help you best.

Here are some of the most unique ways Megaliving can protect YOUR Family:


  • Family plans with up to 60% discounts on some of our Combined Insurance plans
  • Best Doctors service so you can get a medical second opinion and access to faster out of country treatment in time that may save your family members life
  • Family conversations so everyone understands one another’s values, beliefs, goals and fears
  • Affordable coverage, especially if going through separation and divorce
  • Our Hospitalization plans cover blended families living common-law, all children covered
  • Tax Efficiency so more money goes to your family and less to taxes
  • Wealth Preservation
  • Education about your families options
  • Estate Equalization
  • Succession Planning
  • Family coaching and mediation from our professional coaching partners to resolve issues
  • Privacy. Non Disclosure. Respect.
  • Co-creation of a plan that everyone knows ahead of time so no fighting after the wills are read
  • Assistance and cooperation with legal and accounting professionals who work as a team for the benefit of the Family in the formation and execution of a solid plan

What is the difference between mortgage vs individual insurance ?

Mortgage Creditor Insurance

  • Pays the bank – protects the bank
  • Benefits decrease in value over time
  • Only pays 50% of mortgage payment unless both buyers get hurt/sick simultaneously
  • Disability has a 60-day waiting period
  • Underwriting is done at time of claim so you may be paying without being eligible for coverage
  • Is expensive
  • Can be difficult to claim on
  • Limited options, limited coverage

Combined Life/Disability/Critical Illness/Accident/Sickness Insurance you own personally

  • Pays you – protects you, your family and your income
  • Benefits do not decrease in value over time
  • Pays up to 90% of your monthly gross income
  • No waiting period for accident/sickness
  • Underwriting is done at time of application, so you know if you’re covered up front
  • Is up to 60% less expensive, apples to apples
  • Easy to claim on – claims typically paid in 15 days so you have money when you really need it
  • Many options give you customized coverage that fits your budget and all your needs

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