Trades and High Risk Professions

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Truck drivers
Taxi and Uber drivers
Home builders and renovators
Sheet metal workers
Concrete construction

If you work in the trades or high risk industries we have insurance plans that are tailor made for you! The physical challenges of chemicals, inclement weather, icy roads and walkways, long hours, tight deadlines, working with power tools, and seasonal work make what you do particularly difficult. Even a “minor injury” like a fractured foot or hand can interrupt your paycheques and ability to go to work. We have very cost effective plans focussed on injury compensation that pay you even if you’re only off for a few days so you never have to worry.

Whether you are an employee, a sole proprietor or small business owner without group benefits, WCB, or EI … you need to protect your Greatest Asset: YOU & YOUR ABILITY TO EARN AN INCOME

WHY? Because Accidents and Illness don’t announce their arrival and life can change in an instant. It’s better to PREpare than Repair.

48% of us live pay cheque to pay cheque.

1 in 3 will have a 90+ days Disability by age 65 or Critical Illness.

When tragedy strikes and you can’t work, who pays the bills? Do you live off savings? Increase debt? Lose your house? GoFundMe Charity?

Your Unique Priorities

  • Income replacement to cover the mortgage, bills, and payments if you get sick or hurt and cannot work
  • Savings and Investment Growth with Security
  • Enjoying sports without getting hurt
  • Toys? Or Insurance? How to have both.
  • Work-Life Balance

Your Unique Challenges

  • As above, dealing with icy conditions, long hours, inclement weather, power tools, chemical exposure
  • You love high risk sports like hockey, rugby, snowboarding etc but can’t afford to be off work injured
  • Layoffs, seasonal work and camp jobs
  • Lots of driving
  • Having some month left at the end of the money!

Our Unique Solutions

  • Protect your Greatest Asset: You and Your Ability to Earn a PaychequeWe
  • help you Budget Expenses with discipline
  • Strengthen your Financial House
  • Combined Accident & Sickness Hospital Essentials compensation up to $9000/month if hospitalized and up to $4200 for fractures, stitches & outpatient surgery.
    • Plans from $14/month+
    • Unlimited Claims without increased premiums
    • No Waiting Period before claiming
    • 24/7 coverage in Canada & US
    • Covers newborns up to age 85
    • Tax Free compensation paid directly to you to help cover expenses when sick or hurt
    • Family plans up to 60% discount
  • Term Life Insurance
    • Affordable, convertible
    • Covers mortgage balance, loans, income replacement, funeral expenses
  • Disability Insurance
    • Pays tax free monthly income replacement if sick or hurt
    • Partial disability
    • ‘Accident only’ plans as well as sickness coverage
    • 1, 2, 5 year Benefit Period
    • 7-120 day Waiting Period
  • Savings
    • TFSA
    • RRSP
    • Segregated Funds: a great alternative to RRSP’s and mutual funds offering reset guarantees, creditor protection, and beneficiary designation for privacy and to avoid probate